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Extended range of the feed assortment

01. 03. 2017. 15:53 Petra and Josef Soucha

Dear clients, in March 2017, we have enriched our existing feed for cats and dogs Specific and Eminent by the Fortify feeds. This is a good Czech food, gluten-free, used as a prevention of allergic diseases. We hope that this extension will bring benefits to our wide product range. Show more

Reconstruction of the waiting area

01. 03. 2017. 15:44 Petra and Josef Soucha

Dear clients, in February 2017, we have modernized the waiting area. The intention of this decision was to improve the environment and the time you spend with your pet when waiting for the treatment. adhere to our dog, parrot and rabbit we add the aquarium with the fish that are installed in this space. We hope that this change will be welcomed by you. Show more

Dental ultrasound device

20. 03. 2016. 17:12 Petra a Josef Souchovi

Dear clients, Start of March 2016 we have changed our Dental ultrasound device, for newer one from Kruuse company. Using this new device, we can provide better care for your loved pets. Show more

Theatre Room

21. 11. 2014. 17:08 Petra a Josef Souchovi

Dear Clients,Due to the increasing number and difficulty of surgical operations at our institution, we came to a total reconstruction of the theatre room and also modernization of it ´s equipment . In September 2013 the operating theatre was extended with the inhalation device - VETNAR 1600s. Part of this device is to monitor the vital signs the pulse, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation and CO2 levels. The anaesthesia equipment is suitable... Show more


01. 07. 2013. 17:01 Petra a Josef Souchovi

Dear Clients,With the aim to improve the quality of our services, at the beginning of June 2013 our laboratory was expanded with a new diagnostic device – a blood hematology analyzer IDEXX QBC VetAutoread with specific centrifuge IDEXX. This device allows take blood in vet ordinary and provides comprehensive haematology results. Based on this information we can establish a more precise diagnosis and therefore the most effective treatment.... Show more