Giving patient to owner and postoperative examinations

The patient is handed over to the owner in gaining full consciousness.

The patient is handed over to the owner by acquiring full consciousness. In most situations it is same day of surgery, but in case of serious health condition after intensive surgery animal is hopitalized till next day.

After the patient is send to home care we are reducing postoperative pain using oral analgesics, which are indicated for their submission.

It is better to prevent pain and not to suppress it when it appears. To prevent self-mutilation we put a plastic Elizabethan collar. It must be large enough to prevent access to the wound.

When the owner takes an animal home, we advise them to continue with therapy. Until the wound is healed properly and the animal get to full recovery we provide regular checks.

These checks are set for every 24 hours and if there are no other health complications, then 10-14 days. We do check clinical status of animal and the wound healing.