At our workplace we carry out a wide range of surgical procedures for soft tissues.

At our workplace we provide a wide range of soft tissue surgical procedures. We provide two types of surgery, mainly preventive and therapeutic. The most common preventive operations include castration of both sexes in different species of animals- such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs, domestic rabbit and ferrets.

A common surgery is the removal of various types of cancers, particularly tumors on the mammary tumors on dogs and cats with possible collection of whole mammary tissue. In the field of gynecology we perform a caesarean birth of dogs and cats. Very often we also provide dentistry.

Mostly it is a rehabilitation of the oral cavity with the removal of tartar and possible tooth extraction. Puppies- we are dealing with diseases of deciduous teeth. To find gastrointestinal problems, we provide gastro- enterotomy, to find extraneous bodies or in different reasons such as syndrome dilation surgery or torsion of stomach. Very common are also surgical procedures in the urinary tract- obturation, uroliths, cystotomy, urethrotomy.

In ophthalmology we have frequent surgical correction of the eyelids-entropoin and ectropion and also solving prolapse of the lacrimal gland third eyelid. In case of orthopedic surgery we cooperate with veterinary clinic Karakal in Tabor. In most cases, these diseases are diagnosed (X-ray) and then we provide particular dates of operation. Subsequent post-operative care and after-care takes place again in our veterinary surgery.